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About us

extendedPR is an innovative marketing and public relations consulting group based in California. extendedPR is unique approach to marketing and public relations caters to startup companies penetrating the market, and to established businesses who simply want to avoid lengthy commitments and monthly retainers.

Through an extensive network of freelance writers, designers and PR practitioners, extendedPR offers a wide array of marketing and public relations solutions that complement our clients sales and business development platforms.

extendedPR includes an expert network made up of communications specialists from all aspects of the public relations, marketing and advertising fields. The members of our network are individuals who help us offer just the right team to serve our clientsí needs.

Corporate Branding

extendedPR corporate branding practice provides end-to-end corporate identity solutions across industries. Our solutions span the range of naming, tagline creation, logo design, strategic positioning, internal and external brand rollout, and ongoing communications strategies. (Preview)

Design Print

We offer complete design services from concept to finished product, including pre-press graphic arts services, PDF file creation, and professional printing. Our marketing collateral includes print advertising materials such as flyers, posters, brochures, catalogs, CD covers, business cards and much more. We also provide e-marketing services, allowing you to keep in touch with your customers cost effectively.

Web Design

extendedPR design group was created to provide a true integrated marketing solution. Our team of freelance designers and web developers create designs that not only reflect inspiration and vision, but also serve as a strong business platform.

Search Engine Optimization

extendedPR works with you to optimize your website and to make it search engine friendly. We research your industry, your keywords and your competitors, and we develop a plan that will give your business the best search engine position possible.

Direct Marketing

As part of an integrated marketing and sales system, direct marketing can be one of the most powerful approaches to introduce new products, develop highly targeted leads, and gain market share. extendedPR offers a wide range of direct marketing services, geared to your specific marketing goals and needs.

Social Media Marketing

extendedPR has one of the latest and most revolutionary styles of internet marketing there is, that is practically guaranteed to increase your sales in no time at all! Our social media marketing services enables you to market your business to millions of potential prospects.